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......@@ -150,6 +150,9 @@ If a value can contain multiple values, it is enclosed by `&&`, e.g. `&<value_a>
# To add a new accessory
accessory sandra add glasses
# To add a multi-state accessory
accessory sadie add hair_twintail
# To remove an accessory
accessory sandra remove glasses
......@@ -213,6 +213,32 @@ To allow you to tell apart where each player came from, the `_scenario` variable
For reasons of backwards compatibility, both fields (`hook_hash` and `hooks`) will work, even simulatenously.
## Scenario Banners
With v6 of Student Transfer, the game now supports the addition of a banner image as the background of the details box on the scenario list screen.
This feature can be enabled by editing the `scenario.yml` file and adding the `banner` field:
banner: example_asset banner
In this example, a file called `asset.png` or `asset.jpg` inside the scenario's `asset` directory would be used as the banner. The recommended dimensions for the banner are `422 x 352`. If the dimensions do not match exactly, the asset will be scaled to this size and aspect ratio.
The `banner` field can contain the full in-game name of any asset in the game, so it is very flexible. The rule of thumb is: If you can show it in your script, you can use it as a banner.
## Animation Helper: Coordinate Grid
With v6 of Student Transfer the game now ships with a built-in coordinate grid which shows:
- A coordinate grid (who'd have thought!) divided along common positional boundaries
- The exact game coordinates of the current mouse position
- The center of each sprite (as a blue dot)
- The anchor point of each sprite (as a red dot)
The grid can be toggled at any time by pressing `G`. The grid has a bright and a dark variant so it's legible on all backgrounds. Pressing `G` again will cycle through the various modes in this order:
- Bright Grid
- Dark Grid
- Off
## Scenario Statistics
Student Transfer provides access to several variables that can be used to obtain information about a scenario while it's being played. These are made available on the `scenario` object which can be accessed as soon as a scenario is started from the Scenario Menu.
......@@ -53,8 +53,12 @@ theme:
repo: fontawesome/brands/gitlab
- tabs
- instant
- navigation.tabs
- navigation.tabs.sticky
- search.highlight
- navigation.expand
- navigation.instant
- navigation.sections
primary: deep purple
accent: purple
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......@@ -8,9 +8,9 @@ license = "MIT"
python = "^3.8"
mkdocs = "^1.1.2"
pymdown-extensions = "^8.1"
mkdocs-material = "^6.2.3"
mkdocs-minify-plugin = "^0.3.0"
pymdown-extensions = "^8.1.1"
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mkdocs-minify-plugin = "^0.4.0"
mkdocs-git-revision-date-localized-plugin = "^0.8"
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