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Document st_move transitions

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......@@ -36,6 +36,18 @@ These transitions are available:
* `st_easeoutright`
* `st_easeouttop`
The same versions are mirrored by the `move` transitions:
* `st_move`
* `st_moveinbottom`
* `st_moveinleft`
* `st_moveinright`
* `st_moveintop`
* `st_moveoutbottom`
* `st_moveoutleft`
* `st_moveoutright`
* `st_moveouttop`
## Showing the same image multiple times
Sometimes it might become necessary to show the same image on the screen multiple times, be it for characters, backgrounds, CG's or other image assets. This can be achieved via a construct inherent to Ren'Py itself: `as`.
This keyword can be used in conjunction with `show` statements to rename an existing sprite to something different. Due to the way Ren'Py works, an image with a specific name can only be on-screen once during a specific timeframe. If that name is changed to something that is not used however, it is possible to show it multiple times. Let's see how this works with the help of a simple example:
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